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Well don't just take our word for the effectiveness of Unique Advantage coaching ...

"My attitude to work has turned round 180 degrees in just a few weeks"

                                                        Senior Production Manager - Cheshire

Coaching as a tool has brought enormous focus to my life for my clarifiying my ideas and options available to me, which has enabled me to channel my energies more efficiently.  I personally can't belive how effective this tool really is.

                                                                             Entrepreneur - London

I have found working with Graham Boocock as my coach to be an incredibly powerful and supportive experience.  I have taken action in areas of my life where before I felt profoundly blocked.  Our sessions have helped revoke resignation, rebuild clarity, get back passion & focus.  I have literally felt the light of possibility switch back on after a number of years feeling numbed & resigned.  In brief, I cannot recommend the benefits of this experience highly enough.  I feel ready and willing to take the actions required to ensure I live my dream.  I am committed to giving 100 per cent and am excited by the new vistas of possibility I see opening up. This is a massive shift in thinking from six months ago.  I am deeply grateful for this opportunity.

                                                                                           LH -  London

Coaching helped my focus on distinct goals and begin to plan my time appropriately after a period of drifting.  It also helped my come to terms with negative feelings concerned with my ‘survival’ of a difficult business crisis.

I have structured my time more appropriately towards achieving solid goals.

                                                            Former Managing Director -  Sussex

Just a quick note to say how good I found your coaching.  During our time together we covered many diverse areas in my life and I felt that in only a short space of time I was able to move forward in all of them.  I found your preparation and post-session follow-up outstanding and your coaching style very relaxing and non-threatening.  This helped me to feel completely comfortable with you and consequently I opened up more and moved much further than I anticipated in the time frame we had.

                                                                         Business Owner  - Herts

Out of all the sessions I had with my coach it is hard to say which one I got the most out of - they were all inspiring!  But I would like to say that so much positivity came out of the very first one, so much so that what we talked through has stuck!  We explored assertiveness, and believe me, it has changed my life so much!  I am now able to choose more carefully how I spend my time, what I do for others and more importantly, what I do for myself.  I have learnt the importance of saying 'no' in the most effective way but still retain respect from people.  My latest session was also extremely motivating!  At the beginning of the call I was very down and had lost a certain amount of faith in myself with a particular issue, and by the end I was a totally different person!  I would recommend Graham to anyone!

                                                                      Personal client  - Yorks


.... Graham [who] scraped me off the floor from the untidy heap I was in and sprinkled fairy dust on me!!!!!!!