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Executive coaching focuses on the challenges confronting modern business leaders. 
The highly pressured world of modern commerce is intensely competitive and isolating.

   Coaching provides support in many areas:-

* Personal effectiveness and performance

* Stress management and executive recovery

* Target achievement

* Dealing with change & role transition

* Personal career development

                            * Balancing work and home

                            * Leadership development

                            * Dealing with difficult staff 

                            *  Motivation, enjoyment.

Senior staff in modern businesses are frequently under extreme pressure to achieve ever greater results with fewer resources and in the face of ever stronger competition.  Often organisational culture demands infallibility from leaders whilst limiting sources of support or counsel.

This work situation is often compounded by home issues such as:-

*  an isolated family unit, distant from relatives and support networks through job mobility, 

*  competitive, conspicuous consumer social culture, and 

*  perpetual pressures on families, time and relationships.

Such pressures can leave executives overstretched, isolated and stressed with few sources of support. 

Coaching provides a protected, supportive environment to express and explore concerns, options and possibilities with a professional, stimulating creativity and breakthrough thinking.  By coupling this with effective goal planning, coaching directly helps individuals to improve performance on either personal effectiveness or task aligned objectives.  As coaching is non judgemental and confidential, it also creates the space to safely explore things which may be difficult to address elsewhere (e.g. Life Balance and personal career planning).

Uniquely, coaching doesn't tell you how to perform your role or improve your achievement, but through coaching you will discover your own answers - fast. 

At Unique Advantage are pleased to offer Executive Coaching as a business to business service or privately to individual managers and executives investing in their own future.

We can also offer coaching programmes and special topic packages for use within your teams, departments or business [see corporate services]


Coaching is focused on moving forward, so in true coaching style please consider the following options:-

a) Please use our enquiry form service for quick and easy progress.

b) To personally discuss your specific requirements with a specialist executive coach and obtain a quotation

             please call 0845 644 2423  or e-mail  corporate@UniqueAdvantage.co.uk

c) For a copy of the Chartered Management Institute/Lloyds TSB report : "Coaching at Work"

please e-mail your request to corporate@UniqueAdvantage.co.uk

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