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Personal coaching is focused on taking control & building the life you really want.

Frequently this will impact several areas of your life and we have special exercises to help establish priorities for the areas you wish to enhance:-

  * Feeling stuck and unfulfilled

  * Financial situation and security

  * Relationships (improving,seeking or ending) 

                      * Sticking to objectives, (e.g. Fitness/Diet)

                      * Unhappiness and isolation

                      * Work-life balance

                      * Having more fun and energy

                      * Career improvement, concerns or problems 

                      * Under achievement, major illness, loneliness 

                      * Dealing with change (e.g. redundancy)

                      * Fear, self doubt, confidence and low self-esteem.

Coaching is ideal for anyone sensing that they want more than life is giving them - and wanting to do something about it!

Clients often feel themselves stuck or at a crossroads, unsure how to make change.  Coaching mobilises, motivates and supports people to move forward and find the fulfilling lives we all deserve.

Personal Coaching is suitable for all types of adult clients from professionals to homemakers, who share a common desire to move forward and a readiness to invest in themselves.

Coaching isn't a magic wand, to be effective it demands your openness, honesty and commitment, together with a genuine desire to move your life forward - though with these and a professional coach the results can seem magical!


Coaching promotes taking control and moving forward - so here's your first opportunity.

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LIFE DESIGN : Supported Self Study Programme

For anyone who feels they need to move forward and seek change in their life, but that they aren't ready to be stretched by one to one coaching, we offer a special Supported Self Study Programme - Life Design. 

Life design is a specialised programme available for people who really want to re-examine key aspects of their lives and set about a significant programme of review and change.

Life design focuses on re-examining and re-learning what is important for you as an individual and what you intend to do to obtain every last ounce of pleasure and satisfaction out of your life.

Life Design is also well suited to people confronted by, or who have overcome major crises or life events such as separation, bereavement, serious illness, redundancy or retirement.

Personal Coaching