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Business Coaching is aligned to the needs of business people, business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. 

Common challenges include :-

establishing new ventures, decision taking, marketing, business expansion, time management, networking, isolation and work life balance, confidence, difficult staff.

Today’s businesses face fiercely competitive and dynamic marketplaces where success demands commitment, great ideas, hard work, acumen, and determination.

Success also requires vision, focus, self belief, resilience, energy and passion -things which are rapidly eroded behind day to day problems, negative inputs, doubts, isolation and responsibility. 

It is the ability of coaching to create space to explore and overcome doubts, fears and concerns -barriers to achievement, and replace them with positive beliefs, increased motivation and confidence, which makes it especially effective in this environment.

Coaching provides a rare opportunity to safely develop and test your thoughts and ideas, stimulating increased creativity and accelerating plans and execution, a valuable business advantage.

Uniquely, a coach won't tell you how to run your business, but through coaching you will discover your own answers - fast!

Business people often find themselves isolated, torn between the needs of the business and home, with little support.  Coaching provides a unique support in this situation focusing solely upon YOUR fears, wants and needs in both business and personal lives.


We also offer specific topic packages for small and medium businesses on:-

* Business establishment

* Vision, mission and strategy development

* Objectives, goal planning and achievement

* Marketing and routes to market

* Offering and value proposition development

* Sales effectiveness - performance improvement


We can also work on a retained basis as a support facility for your broader workforce.

A recent survey by the Chartered Management Institute and Lloyds TSB discovered that :-     

    80% of Managers said they would benefit from more/some coaching,and

     93% thought coaching should be available to the whole workforce.

                                        (for your free copy of the report please e-mail us).

At Unique Advantage we offer Business Coaching under business to business contracts or privately to individuals investing in themselves and their ideas.


Coaching is focused on moving forward, so in true coaching style please consider the following options:-

a) Please use our enquiry form service for quick and easy progress.

b) To discuss your specific requirements and obtain a quotation

            please call 0845 644 2424  or e-mail  Business@UniqueAdvantage.co.uk

c) For a copy of the Chartered Management Institute/Lloyds TSB report : "Coaching at Work"

please e-mail your request to Business@UniqueAdvantage.co.uk

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