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Lots of people are keen to understand what an actual session is like and what is involved - so we  thought an outline of a “typical” session would be helpful here.


The structure and format of sessions vary depending upon specific client needs.  We utilise a range of formats including telephone, face to face and e-mail.

Telephone Coaching is the most popular option for personal clients, combining ease of incorporation into busy schedules with the richness and quality of direct communication.  It also allows clients to be coached in their preferred environment, affording focus and privacy, without the frequent distrations of face to face meetings.  For many lady clients this also removes concerns over travel and safety.

Face to Face Coaching is a frequent addition in corporate programmes allowing multiple sessions to be delivered in day to different members of staff.  Clearly this is also the natural format for coaching teams.

E-mail Coaching  a solution for international clients where there are significant time zone problems, and for clients who prefer more anonymity, this format is a useful alternative.  A sequence of e-mail exchanges replace the direct interaction. This approach allows longer time for reflection over issues and for creativity as compensation for the reduced immediacy.


Your coach will ask about the topic you want to work on and together you will agree a goal for the session.  What follows will involve the intensive exploration of the issues around the topic.  You will be surprised how much ground you will cover, the new insights the coaching process provides and the clarity you achieve.  You will almost certainly explore new avenues and options.  Before the end of the session you will select and agree detailed action steps to move forward.  Most clients find the process both energising and motivating so be prepared!

Sessions are confidential and are bound by our professional code of ethics so you can think and speak freely – and remember it’s your session, your ideas and your achievement – the coach just releases your potential.  Sessions are typically 1 hour in length and do require punctuality and concentration.

Programmes are available from individual sessions, through to rolling 12 week programmes, depending upon your specific needs and objectives.


If and where appropriate, your coach may draw on a wide range of exercises, frameworks and tools.  These are frequently helpful in providing different perspectives and insights into issues, and can frequently prompt new creativity and enhanced clarity.

Some exercises may be for completion as "fieldwork" between sessions, others may be used interactively within sessions.


Many of our programmes feature interim support between working sessions.  This may be through short telephone updates or e-mail.  This support is provided to maintain momentum and assist you in overcoming obstacles and ensuring that your growing achievements are noted and recognised.

How Does a Coaching Session Work?