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Coaching has become established as a vital part of modern leadership, management and staff development programmes.  

Advances made under coaching tend to have far greater residual impact than other development methods.

Coaching is recognised as a prime performance enhancer AND an effective way to demonstrate commitment to staff support, welfare, and stress management. 

Corporate programmes differ from personal coaching in that the contract and primary objectives are set with the company rather than the individual.  However, the same confidentiality and non judgemental criteria apply to corporate work as this is fundamental to the coaching relationship.

We discuss with the Sponsoring Executive(s) the objectives for the programme and effectiveness measures to be applied.

Programme delivery may combine a range of formats including on-site sessions, telephone coaching, e-mail support, workshops, and personal development strategies.

Coaching is highly effective both as a tool to improve achievement, effectiveness and productivity and also to help staff deal with complexity, pressure and stress.  It also frequently stimulates personal growth, leadership skills, morale and improves staff retention.

A survey by the Chartered Management Institute and Lloyds TSB discovered that :-     

    80% of Managers said they would benefit from more/some coaching,and

     93% thought coaching should be available to the whole workforce.

                                        (for your free copy of the report please e-mail us).


Programmes are available for executives, managers, or the broader workforce and include focus topics such as:-

          * Personal effectiveness         * Target achievement

          * Stress management            * Executive recovery

          * Executive coaching              * Role transition (e.g. to manager/supervisor)

          * Leadership development     * Creative solutioning and breakthrough

          * Marketing innovation            * Coaching in management

          * Dealing with change             * Team and team leader coaching

          * Sales effectiveness              * Coaching workshops and training


We can also work on a retained basis as a support facility for the broader workforce.


We are delighted to receive enquiries from Human Resources Departments, function managers and executives.

Coaching is focused on moving forward, so in true coaching style please consider the following options:-

a) Please use our enquiry form service for quick and easy progress.

b) To discuss your specific requirements, arrange a complimentary consultation and obtain a quotation please call 0845 644 2423  or

                             e-mail ail  Corporate@UniqueAdvantage.co.uk

c) For a copy of the Chartered Management Institute/Lloyds TSB report : "Coaching at Work"

please e-mail your details and request to Corporate@UniqueAdvantage.co.uk

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