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The high pressure of both working and personal lives in our modern society has been progressively increasing the levels of stress and stress related problems to almost epidemic levels.

Costs can be measured both in business terms - stress related illness, poor performance, conflict, absenteeism, litigation over stress, HSE responsibilities...

... and in personal terms - unhappiness, frustration, damaged relationships, mental illness, social and behavioural problems, low self esteem, isolation.

Coaching provides a truly excellent counter to stress related problems, creating clarity over the causes and triggers of stress,  developing options and alternatives for changing behavioural responses to the triggers and providing tools and techniques to establish coping strategies and approaches to eliminate the causes.

Even better, for many clients results are quick and through learning coping strategies, lasting. 


In response to recent client feedback - We are currently delighted to offer a "Stress Busting" opportunity to new clients.

For private clients we offer a programme of 4x60 minute tele-coaching sessions as a prepayment package at JUST £235.

Or on standard business terms our corporate clients can secure a month of coaching support for a single employee (4x 75minute sessions inclusive of review notes) for a monthly fee of JUST £375.

Both are covered by our assurances and risk free start option and reflect a long term investment in yourself or a member of your team.

 Check out our testimonials, assurances under Next Steps and you can be confident in arranging your programme today!

Coaching for Stress Management