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Career coaching is about making a career really WORK FOR YOU

Coaching is exceptionally useful in the area of jobs and career, and a popular first issue with people seeking coaching.

Clients are often looking to progress in a current role, find new challenges, promotion or more recognition.

Others are seeking fundamental changes in direction, or new opportunities after being out of the jobs market for some time.

Irrespective of level, seniority and whether change is your choice or forced on you by redundancy or situation, coaching helps in several key ways:-

Coaching both stimulates an increase in your motivation, readiness and ability to obtain your next role, and also increases the certainty that you are building the career that will be right for you. 

Programmes are typically between 1 month to 12 weeks, depending upon your specific needs and objectives.  Coaching is frequently supported by use of exercises and frameworks specific to career issues and included within our programmes. 


Career Coaching promotes taking control, creating opportunities and moving forward - so here's your first opportunity.

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