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Offering you an innovative mix of High Quality, Cost efficient programmes for business and private clients, backed by performance assurances and a Risk-Free start facility - Unique Advantage presents a truly great opportunity to explore or extend your use of professional coaching to generate real benefits for your company or for yourself.

Executives & Managers 

* Raise effectiveness, performance, “agility”, target achievement, leadership

* Enhance career management, life balance and enjoyment  


Personal clients

* Improve career, income and finance

* Manage stress

* Higher quality in relationships

* Build confidence

* Achieve goals,  and enjoy life more


Corporate clients

* Grow profits by increasing contribution of personnel at all levels

* Increase capability and motivation

* Counter impacts of change and stress

* Enhance Leadership

* Meet obligations for staff support


Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

* Expand markets and opportunities

* Increase creativity and personal effectiveness

* Build motivation, assurance, energy, networking .... and Profits!


Stress Management

* Beat the impacts of stress

* Develop new strategies to prevent stress

* Support employees and protect your business from costs of stress

Career Boost

* Improve your prospects

* Change direction

* Find and secure a new opportunity

* Increase your value in your present role

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* Management and Executive Coaching

* Corporate Coaching programmes for performance, effectiveness, leadership,

     role transition, change and staff support

* Personal and Life Coaching

* Stress Management Coaching

* Career development and management

* Outplacement and redundancy coaching

* Sales, Marketing and Project management programmes

* Entrepreneur, Partner and Business builder


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